Dutch Racing Dog Thunderstruck "Atex"

1 march 2020 * 74 cm * 32 kg * Pedigree * HD/ED/Back * DNA test * Race Results

We believe in health tests. We test what we think is necessary but do not say with a good outcome "our dogs will never develop this or that disease". Inheritent diseases are not just 1+1 = 2.

In 2021 (march-april) we did an extended DNA-test at Embarkvet test lab in the USA. At this moment this is a much used lab due to get your dogs tested on mutation of +200 diseases. Atex is free on all they tested at this moment. Of course is this something that makes us very happy, but this tests are not a 100% guarantee that Atex or any other tested dog will not get one of these diseases as stated above. It does say us that at this moment Atex has no mutations in his DNA that they can test for, so is not particulair at a high(er) risk. In the pic below you can see his results with a split for 9 diseases that are checked and are breed specific for the breeds they found in Atex. Genetics are a very difficult thing to understand. I explained on Craft her Heart page (click here) a little about it. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I will prob not be able to answer all questions cause I did not study genetics but will always try. We also have a complete genetic pallet on Atex his coat/colors so if you are interested in that, please ask too.