Canicross, Bikejøring & Dogscooter

Before you start with Canicross, Bikejøring and/or Dogscooter, I would like to draw attention to the inside of the dog when it is still a pup/young dog. There is often a big urge to start exercising with your dog. If started too early your dog is probably not ready on the inside. There is no age where we can say "now you can start". You have to look at your dog and his/her movements and their muscle strenght. The following picture shows the skeleton of a pup from one day to 20 weeks. The other picture shows when all moving parts have properly grown close to each other. The bigger the dog, the longer it takes. For competitions the following age requirements apply: Canicross Fun (around 1000m) dogs must be 10 months or up, Canicross short and long distance (2 up to 6-7 km) 12 months or up. Bikejøring and Dogscooter 18 months and up.

* Note that the bones of the young pup are not floating around. The bones are attached to cartilage, but that does not show on ax-ray!