Dutch Racing Dog Thunderstruck "Atex"

1 march 2020 * 74 cm * 32 kg * Pedigree * HD/ED/Back * DNA test * Race Results

Atex is a Greysther boy and our youngest family member at this moment. Atex is from our Dutch Racing Dog Rock Litter, born in 2020. His mother is our TT and his father is Mendez from owner Noel Schlichting. He is a big boy but very well balanced in his body. We started slowly with his training and at a year of age he got a good taste without any trouble of Canicross, Bikejøring, Dogscooter and Skijøring, he loved it all. He is a very happy driven boy in harness. Again we take it slow in distance due to his size, we are not in a hurry. Atex is still a young boy with a very friendly and playfull character, we hope he keeps this character with the years to come. He is not in peoples faces immediatly, he checkes you out first and then decide that it is ok. When he is off leash he is not particulair interested in strange dogs. He shows all the potentional that we like to see in our own bred dogs. Inside and outside!