Epic & Cube Pups 2023

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We will have a second litter with Cube Summer 2023. This will be a repeat litter from 2021. We are doing a repeat because we always wanted to keep a pup from this combination, but 2021 was to early for our pack. We know the stud Epic for more then 4,5 years and are still very happy with our choice. He is awesome in drive and character. Epic is just as Cube x-rayed on hips/elbows and back, Embark DNA tested and all is how we love to see it. You can find more about Epic on his own page.

We expect healthy pups with a very good work drive for Canicross, Bikejøring, Dogscooter and Skijøring with a very friendly, pleasant temperament torch dogs and people. We expect and hope for a normal sized Greysther, bitches round 24-28 kg and dogs round 30-33 kg. Feel free to contact us if you want more information about this litter. We work with a waitinglist. Be aware that you can not choose for a specific color in our pups when they are born. You can tell us your preference ofcourse for a boy or girl, but we choose which pup will fit in your household by character and not color! We would like to thank European Pet Pharmacy NL for their support!

Diary (update 19-09-2023)