TT & Mendez Pups 2020

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We are planning a litter with TT early 2020. TT will be mated with Mendez. Mendez is a male Greysther who lives in France, owned by Noel Schlichting and bred by Lena Boysen, born 28 august 2015. We visited Mendez in France in the summer of 2019 to see him in his home enviroment (and not only at races) and found out that he is what his owner already told us. A sweet, calm and gentle boy. Mendez has a nice character and an insane drive to run. At the start he does not go overboard but when he gets the "go" he is off. He has a strong stamina and is hard working. Mendez became at his young age already French Champion in 2018/2019 in both elite and veteran classes in bikejoring (in France as a veteran you can "steal" the élite medal if you are faster). His owner made hip x-rays on our request and they are ok. Mendez is 68 cm and round 30 kg. He is about the same size as TT. We expect healthy pups with a very good work drive for Canicross, Bikejøring, Dogscooter and Skijøring with a very friendly, pleasant temperament to dogs and people. We expect a normal sized Greysther, bitches round 28-30 kg and dogs round 30-33 kg. Feel free to contact us if you want more information about this litter. We work with a waitinglist. Pups are born 1 March 2020. All pups are reserved!