Floppy Ears Triple the Trouble "TT"

21 april 2014 * 66cm * 28kg * Pedigree * HD & ED * Heart * Race Results

TT was born in Belgium in the Floppy Ears Racing Sleddog kennel. She is very nice and relax in her character. TT has a enormous drive to run and for speed. She is trained in Canicross, Bikejøring, Dogscooter and a little bit skijøring and sled. TT prefers Bikejøring and Dogscooter because of the speed. She is the founder of our small Dutch Racing Dog kennel and we are very happy that we see her drive, focus and pleasant character back in her 16 kids.

Update 10 december 2022: TT has had on 8th of october 2022 an emergency splenectomy and unfortunally she has hermangiosarcoma. This is a very aggressive form of cancer with a very low to non survival rate (19-60 days). Because of her enormous fast recovery after her surgery we went to the oncologist and found out (after utrasounds) that at that moment she was still clean of visuable tumors. Due to this we started in a trial with her, chemo and immunotherapy. Up till today she is still a very happy girl that is hardly ffected by this treathment. The chemo is 6 times, the immunotherapy for life. If you want to support her treatment you can check her GoFundMe page. I also put the updates about her treatment there => Support TT GoFundMe

We can only hope our girl will stay with us for a long time in a for her happy life. She is not finished here and we are definitely not ready to let her go!!

Update 8 march 2023: TT passed away and left an enormous hole in our hearts and pack. Within 6 weeks a tumor has grown in her liver that started to leak. The only fair way was to let her go before she would die a horrific dead without us present due to a bursted tumor. We are beyond sad.....