Kennel "Dutch Racing Dog"

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We are a small Kennel with the name "Dutch Racing Dog" in Holland. Pups are born and raised in our livingroom and spend all of their time amongst us, our pack and other people. We do not use kennels in the garden, garage or anywhere else (of course we use crates for sleeping time). When we breed a litter it is with great care and loads of energy. Due to the regulations of the Rabies vaccinations we need to keep the pups until 15 weeks if the new owner lives in another EU country and the Rabies rule applies there. Do we like these do we try to live by them...yes.
We do not breed just for fun if we decide to have a litter. First we need the bitch to develop in what she does best... being a happy dog and she needs to love the sports. We at least X-ray their hips at an age of 12-18 months to see if she can do the sports in a safe way. Of course we only breed with bitches who will have good hips. Only good hips is not enough. Her temperament is most important, we do not want hyper dogs, we do not want aggression in our dogs and we do not want to have fear in our dogs. What we do want to see is a pleasant dog who will have a big running drive and have a good focus during racing. We do not only want that for our own dogs, but we also want that for the stud we will use. I can mention health, but it is obvious for us that the bitch needs to be healthy.
If you are interested in a pup from "Dutch Racing Dog" feel free to contact us for future breeding. We work with a waiting list.