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I get a lot of requests for a pup for our next litter. It is very nice that people want a pup from our Dutch Racing Dog kennel but at this moment we can and will not put people on a waitlist.
Why not..... that is pretty simple, Cube is finished after having 2 litters and can enjoy her race life till she can't anymore. We kept a boy (T@g) and a girl (Trending Topic) from her last (2023) litter.
Will the girl (Trending Topic) be next for breeding...time will tell. First she needs to grow up and show her potentional in racing. Besides all that we need to like her character, race-mind and last but certainly not least.... she needs to be healthy. So she will be tested as our other dogs where tested for.

The (hopefully) next Dutch Racing Dog Litter will probably not be earlier then the year 2026. I am already looking for a potentional stud and am in contact with an owner of a stunning boy but we need to see if that will work out for the future. Some things need to be done first before we can go further with these plans. The only thing I can tell now is that I choose a different line then already is used at the moment within the Greysther population to get new blood in our Greysther lines.
If you are really interested I can just advice to keep an eye on my social media pages. I do announce mostly one time about 6-8 months prior to the litter.