Pups 2019 Craft

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On 15 februar Craft and Lennox got their special Limited Edition boy. On the Diary 2019 Craft page you can read how the pregnancy and growing up from the pup is going. You can read more about the dogs on their own page. We expect a healthy pups with a very good work drive for Canicross, Bikejøring, Dogscooter and a friendly, pleasant temperament. We choose Lennox (100% GSP) for Craft because we want slightly bigger and heavier pups for the mono-sports then Craft is (hopefully bitches 26-28 kg/dogs 28-32kg). Of course we could try to find a bigger other EuroHound stud for Craft but cause of the crossbreeds it is very hard to predict what the sizes of the pups will be. I aim for EuroHounds with a bit more bone very suitable for our mono-sports. With a purebred pedigree dog who we know very well, including some family, we hope to get to that goal. We do not breed for blue eyes! We work with a waiting list. Feel free to contact us if you want more information about this litter.

Diary 2019 Craft