EuroHound "Craft"

18 june 2015 * 64cm * 24kg * Pedigree * HD * Heart Tests * Race Results

Craft is An Euro (Scandinavian) Hound is, just like a Greysther, bred for fast, short/mid distance running (also from the Sleddog world). Where there is Greyhound in a Greysther, there is an Alaskan Type in Hounds. Craft is trained for Canicross, Bikejøring, Dogscooter and a little bit skijøring and sled. Craft has an enormous drive for just about everything, she wants and needs to run. Craft is a very enthusiastic, happy girl. She adores people and mostly of all her own pack. She loves to play with her own and some of the dogs of friends. She is not the kind of dog that will look for strange dogs to play.