EuroHound "Craft"

18 june 2015 * 63cm * 24kg *Pedigree * HD * Heart Tests * Race Results

Important: We do/did not do these tests cause Craft have any of the symptoms that are related to DCM. Below you can read why we did do the tests.
27-03-2018 Craft was tested DCM NORMAL by DNA
04-04-2018 Craft had an echocardiogram of her heart by a cardiac-specialist. Her heart showed no signs of DCM at this point.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) DNA Test
It is not easy to determine how reliable a particular test is for a particular breed. The reliability is determined by validation by science and proven mutations in other varieties. The current DCM DNA test is for specific breeds and has been published scientifically or the mutation in this breed has been determined by a laboratory.

• Validation by science: 
The science links variation in the DNA to syndromes / characteristics. By comparing the symptoms of a disease / trait with variation in the DNA, a diagnostic test is proven. This normally leads to publication in a scientific article. Often these articles are based on a single variety.  

• Mutations in other varieties: 
Mutations that have been described and validated in one breed can also occur in other (cross)breeds. This is often no longer published in scientific articles. The occurrence of these mutations in other varieties is determined by laboratories that carry out the tests.  

When the result of the DNA test indicates that an animal is not a carrier of the mutation, this is no guarantee that this animal will never develop the disease or characteristic on the basis of unknown variation in the DNA. 
When the result of a DNA test indicates that an animal is a carrier or sufferer of a mutation, the inheritance (dominant, recessive or sex-linked) determines whether an animal will develop the disease or characteristic. 

The owner decides whether he/she wishes to have a test carried out based on the above criteria.
When a test is not validated for a particular breed, the mutation can still occur in that breed. In that case we will be able to show whether the animal is carrier or sufferer. When the animal is tested free (no carrier) we can never be certain that the animal will not be able to develop this disease, or that the mutation associated with the clinical picture in this breed may be different than in the breeds that have been validated.
It then only indicates that the animal does not possess the known mutation, which has been associated with other breeds with this syndrome.
An echocardiogram is just a snapshot in time. This gives the image of how the heart is only at the time of the echocardiogram.

So with above, why did we tested Crafts DNA on DCM and will make an ultrasound?
We tested Craft because we will do anything within our own standards to breed healthy pups. There are some cases that involves DCM within Greysthers and Hounds.
Craft is tested DCM NORMAL for the known mutation, which has been associated with other breeds with this syndrome. That does not mean that we are now 100% sure she can not develop the disease, as written above, this can always happen weather you have a Non-risk or high risk pedigree breed or a cross-breed. If Craft had tested as a carrier or sufferer we would not consider breeding her, even if we never know for sure if she would develop the disease.
The echocardiogram was done by a cardiac-specialist and Crafts heart does not show any symptoms of DCM at this point.