Diary Epic & Cube Pups 2023

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In this Diary I will keep short updates about this Litter

Growth Table Cube & Pups 2023 (update 19-09-2023)

08-04- 2023
Cube started her heat. Right on sceduale. We are going to start this hopefully litter adventure and keep our fingers crossed for summer pups!!
Cube has been mated with Epic so we will wait kind of patience if she is pregnant.......

Cube is pregnant!! We are so happy with this!! After almost 5 years we will have our own pup(s) from this carefully planned litter. Yeah we waited ourselves that long too :-). Her first litter was to soon for our pack to keep a pup and be able to give all what it needed, especially training wise and Atex who was still a "toddler" haha.


The theme of this years litter will be "TT's Legacy Litter". We both wanted to honor TT a bit extra by giving the pups of this litter her name in their Dutch Racing Dog name.


Cube is going strong. She is happy and eats like crazy. We need to keep a close look at her cause at the moment everything is eatable according to Cube.... She sleeps a lot and besides being happy she is sweet for the other dog but not into a lot of playing. As if she knows whats going to happen. If she sleeps she dreams out loud a lot, way more then she usally does.

I can see (in the background ;-) ) a lot of travel to this diary to see if there is news. Most updates are on my FB (Kika Elfers or/and Dutch Racing Dog) and on my Instagram Dutch Racing Dog page. I try to keep the website up to date but social media is just faster.

A small update from us. Cube is doing very well. Hungry all the time. Her belly is pretty big for the weeks she is pregnant. She is bigger and heavier then her first pregnancy while she started now with a more slim body and less kg. Tomorrow she will be 7 weeks pregnant (and becomes 6 years young :-) ). Next week we will make a x-ray to hopefully see how many pups we can expect. Our waitlist is long with a lot of people that are just as excited as we are! Normally we feed our dogs 2x a day. Cube gets now an extra meal at noon. If we do not do that she will be way to skinny. Pups will take what they need and then nothing left for Cube. Cube is not complaining and thinks we can up her food to about...lets say every hour ;-)
Cube gave birth to 14!! pups. 1 pup was stillborn. On my personal Facebook and the DutchRacingDog Facebook/Instagram you can see tons of pictures on my wall, in albums and video's.