Sekuoba "Epic"

24 July 2018 * 71cm * 31kg * Pups 2023 Powered By Epic & Cube * Pups 2021 Powered By Epic & Cube * Pedigree Pups Powered By Epic & Cube

Epic is owned by Bianca Koole and Jessica Gommers and lives in a pack of 7 dogs. Epic is born in Ireland in the Sekuoba kennel, owned by Susanne Bojkovsky, out of Lennox (sire) and Niva (dam). We had our eyes on Epic as soon as he was round 8 weeks and we saw his pictures. We thought if all goes as "planned" and he grows up to be the boy in character, health and drive we like to see in our breeding, he should be the stud for our Cube. We like what we see so in 2021 he was Cube's partner and we decided for a repeat for our next litter in 2023 with Cube. Epic is a very friendly, pretty easy going boy indoors and outdoors. He loves people but his adoration for Rob is just of another level LOL. Epic has a enormous drive to work for you. He is trained in Canicross, Bikejøring , Dogscooter, Sled and Skijøring. He loves it all. As long as he can go forward.

Rob and Epic became Dutch Champion in short Cross in their catergory in 2019. As the rest of the world after that there was a long "break" in racing. The races started for Epic in September 2021 again in Bikejøring and every race he runs he ends up on the podium, most of the time nr 1 in his category.

In april 2022 Epic became World Champion with Bianca in their category in Bikejøring in France!

In november 2022 Epic became Dutch Champion with Bianca in the woman category in Bikejøring!

In november 2022 Epic became European Champion with Bianca in their category in Bikejøring in Germany!

Epic has been health tested. HD A - Elbows 0/0 - Spine L1-L7 clear - Embark dna tested, all clear - Full dentition, Correct scissor bite. His pedigree and results you can see below.

For more information about Epic you can contact me via or you can contact his owners Bianca Koole and Jessica Gommers via