Dutch Racing Dog Thunderstruck "Atex"

1 march 2020 * 74 cm * 32 kg * Pedigree * HD/ED/Back * DNA & Heart tests * Stud * Race Results

Atex is available as a stud for suitable bitches. The moment we put Atex up as a stud he is almost 3 years old. We like to have a good vision of what the dog is like before he (or she) is bred. Atex loves Canicross more then wheels. He has a very well built, strong body. He is not a small boy but very light on his feet. Besides that we think he is beautifull to look at, he is also a very sweet natured boy. He is not overly font on strangers, but when you just let him be he will seek contact and he is fine with all.
If you are interested in Atex or have any other question regarding to what you have read on this website, do not hesitate to ask and contact us.