Cube & Mr. :-) Pups 2022

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We are planning a litter with Cube early 2022. We know the stud for more then 2 years and are very happy with our choice. He is awesome in drive and character. The stud is already x-rayed on hips/elbows and back and all is how we love to see it. We will reveal the stud when we have a more certain time of the litter.

We expect healthy pups with a very good work drive for Canicross, Bikejøring, Dogscooter and Skijøring with a very friendly, pleasant temperament torch dogs and people. We expect a normal sized Greysther, bitches round 26-30 kg and dogs round 30-33 kg. Feel free to contact us if you want more information about this litter. We work with a waitinglist.

For this litter the waitinglist is not open yet due to the long wait.